Why Most Fish Oil Supplements Are Not Good For Your Health... And What To Do About It!

Fish oil supplements are the most popular nutritional supplements in the world. Understandably so as they may help prevent everything from cancer to heart attacks to Alzheimer's.

However, there is an underside to their effects on you. The very same fish oil may contribute to the long term development of these same health issues if you are using the "wrong" type of fish oil.

This is more than the mercury toxicity in not so pure fish oils. It has to do with the fact that most fish oil supplements only contain fish oil. The fish oil is isolated from the co-nutrients that are with it when you eat fish.

This causes multiple issues, and one major problem...

Isolated Fish Oil Becomes Rancid In Your Body

It turns out that the normal temperature of the body causes oxidative stress in isolated fish oils. In other words, your body's heat will cause all these isolated fish oil  supplements to become rancid.

To make it worse, isolated fish oils do not absorb into your cells efficiently, and this unabsorbed fish oil can harm your cells as it eventually turns rancid.

This can cause free radical damage to your cells, which over time can cause many problems. Some researchers even found  that fish oils increased the growth of tumors. Not what you want.

Here's what happens.

Most fish oil supplements contain isolated fish oils which your body can't absorb efficiently or completely. The antioxidants to protect them are not there. The minerals and proteins that are needed for these oils to be utilized are missing.

As a consequence, these isolated fish oils are ineffective at best and harmful at worst. That's NOT what you're looking for in a health supplement.

Fortunately,  you can get all of the incredible benefits that fish oils have to offer without exposing yourself to rancidity and a general lack of effectiveness.

For the body to properly absorb and process the fish oils, they need to be combined with the necessary minerals, proteins, and antioxidants.

When combined with the proper nutrients, fish oils play an important role in supporting the electrical conductivity of the cells. You don't get this when those minerals and co-nutrients  are missing.

When they are missing, your cells cannot function properly, the fish oil is not utilized efficiently, and turns rancid in your body to make things worse.

To get all the benefits fish oil can give your body, without the harm, you need...

Ultimate Fish Blend.

Ultimate Fish Blend is an innovative fish oil supplement that is nothing like those isolated fish oil supplements we've been discussing. Not only does it supply all the needed co-nutrients, but it uses an innovative delivery system to get into your cells.

-Ultimate Fish Blend contains a complete profile of several powerful fish oils. As well as the essential minerals, proteins, enzymes and antioxidants necessary for them to work properly. And not just ordinary minerals in a normal delivery system.

But live fermented minerals, and probiotic spores that protect and carry the fish oil with its co-nutrients into your cells.

All these nutrients are provided in the optimal ratio in Ultimate Fish Blend, along with additional herbs to drive circulation, and a tiny amount of alcohol to increase absorption.

It's like getting healthy fish oils along with greens, herbs and enzymes, all in one supplement.

And it's delivered to your body in its most beneficial and available form, thanks to Ultimate Fish Blend's unique bio-delivery mechanism.

It is this combination of ingredients, coupled with the oils' electromagnetic conductivity, that makes Ultimate Fish Blend such effective support for your optimal health and body functioning.

Fish oil on its own simply cannot perform the way nature intended it to be used by your cells -- without those critical minerals and proteins, and calcium in particular.

Ultimate Fish Blend is specifically created so that every cell in your body is able to make full use of these ingredients with its advanced absorption mechanism of bioactive proteins and interactive electrolytes.

Just as if you were eating real fish, without the harmful risks of ingesting metals and toxins.  

Ultimate Fish Blend is a complete regeneration formula for your body.

As your cells begin to work better because they are getting the nutrients they need, they produce more energy, and you will experience more vitality and vigor – with better digestion and hormone production too.

Your joints and extremities will benefit from the circulation enhancers in Ultimate Fish Blend that improve blood flow and get more nutrients into these areas.

Now On Sale For A Big Big Discount

We are so excited to introduce you to Ultimate Fish Blend that we are offering it to you at a special price.

Ultimate Fish Blend comes in an extra large bottle that lasts 3 full months at the suggested dosage for health support.

Regularly priced at $129.95, right now you can receive this 90 day supply of Ultimate Fish Blend for only $69.95.

This is a great opportunity to try a revolutionary fish oil supplement that will work better in your body than any other fish oil supplement on the market.

You can enjoy all the amazing benefits that fish oil has to offer without any of the negative side effects seen in so many isolated fish oil supplements.

Help your cells and body work better and be more healthy, all for a great price.

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Call GetHealthyAgain at 1-800-832-9755 to order by phone, 10 AM to 8 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday. International orders call 001-907-235-5556.

Look at the amazing oils and co-nutrients in Ultimate Fish Blend. It contains everything needed to help its fish oil work properly in your body. All at a big big discount.

Ingredients: Astaxanthin Blend (Krill Oil, Astareal Astaxanthin, Salmon Oil), Curcumin, Cinnamon Bark extract, Fermented Green Extract Calcium Blend (Alfalfa Sprout, Barley Grass, Broccoli Sprout, Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach), Live Active Bacillus Spores, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Squalene, Protease Enzymes 60000 HUT. Other ingredients: Gelatin, Ethyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin. 180 large soft gel capsules.

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